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Tagged by Shindy-Potato! Let's do this! 8D

1. What are your nickname/s?
I used to be called Sushi x)

2. Are there any nicknames you wish people called you?
I wish people called me Batman... or Iron man

3. If you had to be stuck at one age for the rest of your life, how old would you be?
I guess it would have to be 22 because I said so, bitch! 8D

4. What colour clothes do you like best?
Dark clothes are awesome :)

5. If you had a pet cactus, what would you name him/her?
Cactuar (not original xP)

6. Your most-hated movie?
The Twilight saga sucks :XD:

7. What do you think of 3D movies?
Their okay i guess

8. Ever get motion sickness? (car, boat, aeroplane, elevator, etc)
Turning to fast in a car makes me want to vomit sometimes ._.

9. So, your thoughts on elevators?
They are for pussies my friend

10. Have you ever Role Played?
Yeah! It's cool! :aww:

11. What's your favourite public holiday? (Birthdays don't count)
I like Halloween and New Year's Eve :party:

12. Best season of the year for you?
Summer and Autumn :nod:

13. Do you ever want to go to Antarctica?
Oh hell no! ._. As if it weren't cold enough in Canada x)

14. Have you ever had to stay in hospital overnight?

15. Glasses: attractive, or a turnoff?
Sexy! :devilish:

16. What kind of job do you respect the most? (Fire-fighters, doctors, people in the army, etc)
I think all jobs have their own purpose in life :aww:

17. Do you have a favourite flower?
I'm not into flowers that much xP Which ironic because of my name haha

18. Now for a manly question: do you enjoy driving? (Or think you will when you're able)
My dad is encouraging me to drive one day. I'm asian so I hope to not live to the stereotype :XD:

19. What's one thing you never leave home without?
Bus pass, keys, Handbag with stuff

20. Batman. Sure, he saves lives and has a famous comic and all, but he has as many superpowers as you or I. Do you think he really counts as a superhero?
I guess he does if he saves people ;) Like Ironman, money equals superpowers :XD:

21. If you could become one pokemon, which one would it be?
Chimchar ;p

22. Write one thing about yourself you wouldn't tell your parents.
I ate the last cookie. :evillaugh:

23. What do you think of when I say FIRE?

24. What country would you like to visit right now?
Japan, France, England and America (precisily, the state of California and the city of Chigago and New York)

25. Do you think you'll ever end up in jail at some point in your life?
Hopefully no.

26. Do you have/plan to get any tattoos or piercings?
I wanted to pierce my belly button once but now I mught be reconsidering it ^^;

27. How many pets do you have?
None ;w;

28. What's your thoughts on OCs? (Original characters)
Their cool as long as their original

29. If you were in a position of power, what's the first thing you would do?
Free bacon day and legalize gay-marriage! :D And forbiding Justin Bieber's music ._.

30. List three turn-ons for you:
Tall, blue eyes, good sense of humour

31. Now list three sure-fire turn-offs:
Blowing thier nose while i'm eating, talking loud during a quiet event, not listening to others... being an ass in general

32. Do you have any favourite faces to use online?
:la: :iconnyancat:

33. Do you like trampolines?
Yeah! :la: :bounce:

34. If you saw a shooting star, would you wish on it?

For superpowers :3

35. If you had a novel published, what would the title be?
My life is boring... but it;s okay! :D

36. What do you think of photos of yourself?
I'm not a fan of it ._.

37. When was the last time you saw the sun rise?
I forgot...

38. So, what do you think of memes like this? Any reason in particular you take these?
Their cool! :aww: I got to know myself more at the same time ;p

39. There's only one female smurf. How do you think they reproduce?
Don't know... don't want to know!

40. What's one music group you think everyone should be into at the moment?
ONE DIRECTION! (Just kidding) Anything that doesn't make my ears bleed x)

41. Take a quick look at your fridge. What's on it right now?
OOOoooh stawbuuuurries! :D

42. Who has it easier: boys, or girls?
Both :p

43. What's do you think the meaning of life is?
Discovery, learning, thinking, exploring

44. Which is better: pirates or ninjas?
Bruce Lee can kick pirates and ninja's asses anytime, biiiitch!

45. If you could change your hair colour, what would it be?
Red or auburn :p

46. How'd your first day at school go? Anything interesting happen?
I was a happy child, according to my mom :dance:

47. What's the best kind of chocolate?
Milk chocolate and caramel oUo

48. Do you think you'll ever try drugs in your life?
Eeerr... nope!

49. How are you sitting while you type this? Comfortable?
Yeah except with the massive amount of text books on my lap ;w;

50. Do you believe in ghosts, or any of the paranormal?
I prefer seeing before beleiving ;p

51. What's your favourite insult to call people?
"Were you dropped on your head as a baby or are you naturally stupid?" or "I guess your parents should've used protection" or any funny comeback :XD:

52. Do you have any phobias or fears?
Spiders scare the shit out of me ._. And rejection (very common in the average human being)

53. Who's your favourite family member?
I love my parents :aww:

54. How much money's in your wallet right now?
About 38.75$  

55. Mention some of the best memories you've ever had at school?
I don't really recall any... the closest is my first kiss x)

56. What's your sleeping pattern like? Anything you'd change?
I try to sleep earlier these days because of school and stuff ;p

57. What's wrong with the next generation?
We will be the ones who have to raise them x)

58. How many tabs and windows do you have open right now?
None! :p Studying... ; . ;

59. Is there any particular costume/cosplay you'd like to wear?
Tifa from FFVII :D  

60. When something goes wrong, who's the first person you blame?
I look at it both ways.

61. What's your favourite musical instrument?
I like the piano, guitar and drums

62. If you could make one animal extinct, which one would it be? Why do they deserve it?
None! oO They all have their reasons to live :aww:  

63. Is the glass half empty, or half full?
Half-full... of milkshake! :boogie:

64. What do you have as your wallpaper right now?
Kingdom hearts wallpaper :la:

65. Have you ever cross-dressed?
Yeah I have x) It was fun oUo

66. Which is more fun: being short, or tall?
They both have their ups and downs ;p

67. Do you have any guilty pleasures?
I love video game music ^^

68. What's the last trading card game you played?
Yu-Gi-Oh when I was 10

69. Are sixty-nine jokes still funny?
Not as funny as your mom xDD

Do it if it pleases you! :aww:


Dalia P.
Artist | Student
My old username was mileyloulou. I have been a member since I was 12 so it was about time I changed username.

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